We may share the same language, but there is nothing common about hearing from speakers from the United States or the United Kingdom. From adding z to words spelled in the same way, but with completely different pronunciation – there is a real ocean of linguistic differences (in addition to a real physical ocean) between the two main English-speaking countries in the world. But don’t be afraid! If you are learning English in London and want to know what makes your accent different from that of your friend studying English in New York, here’s what you need to know. 1. AMERICAN ENGLISH IS ACTUALLY OLDER This is not something to say to a Briton, because we are the country that gave birth to America as we know it today – but it is a very authentic fact. When the first settlers set sail from England for America, they brought with them the common language of the time, based on what is called rhoticity (pronunciation of the sound r in a word). Meanwhile, in the wealthy cities of the southern United Kingdom, the new upper classes, who were looking for a way to distinguish themselves from the others, began

Organize your move: the ultimate to do list

Changing your home is not something you can improvise! The key word when you move is organization. Even if you are more of the type to let yourself be carried away by events in general, you will have to organize your move. Otherwise, you may face some unpleasant surprises that could ruin the atmosphere: bills to pay for services related to your old home that you did not terminate, gas and electricity meters closed when you arrived in your new home, logistical problems to transport your large appliances, etc. Here is the ultimate to do list to help you organize your move with complete peace of mind! We take over in the form of retro-planning all the tasks to be performed in the 3 months preceding your move. Let’s get to work! Organize your move at D-3 months: sale, notice and budget First question to ask yourself: what should you do about your old home? If you are a homeowner, you probably plan to sell your home. It is preferable to do this at least 3 months in advance. If you entrust the sale to a real estate agent, it will take you a little time to find